BIZINFO is owned and managed by Ian Flynn. Ian has implemented operational and accounting software for over ten years and previously provided ERP software to corporates and SMEs for over 15 years.

Measurability is the key
To be successful, you must be able to measure profitability in the individual areas of your business — how else can you know whether you’re heading towards success or failure?

We work with small-to-medium sized businesses within the service and distribution industries.

If you’re in the business of selling product or labour, through proper job-costing and inventory control, you can achieve a complete picture of your business’ health. This is achieved by linking your accounting and operational software.

We have been implementing MYOB accounting software since 2002 and a leading Ostendo operational software partner since 2006.

Our Approach
We have experience in all areas of business, so we adopt a holistic approach to our work. We recognise that all departments — logistics, manufacturing, finance, marketing and sales — must work in synergy for a business to operate at its best.

Listening and asking the right questions helps us understand your requirements, in order to deliver the best results — it’s all about open communication. And we enjoy long-term partnerships with our clients. However, great partnerships don’t just happen; they can only be achieved through honesty, transparency and professionalism. This means that we:

  • tell it like it is
  • always answer your questions
  • will not compromise quality by cutting corners.

Thinking outside the box
“There are many ways to skin a cat,” as the saying goes, so we actively look for better ways to deliver value.

The world is ever-changing, so we continually monitor the latest industry developments and maintain relationships with a broad network of business professionals. So even if your needs fall outside our area of expertise, we can still find a solution.

This blog shares information on new and existing Ostendo software features

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